Welcome to our current range of wines

Our range of wines includes whites that are crisp and clean, together with medium bodied reds that are easy drinking. Our customers tell us what they want and that’s what we aim to produce using fruit from our vineyard here in Wootton and some from further afield – mainly the Hunter.

The current range can be tasted daily in our cellar door – come and try them and you might be lucky enough to sample some local cheeses at the same time!

Sparkling Lily NV

Sparkling Lily is brut style that is crisp, light and very drinkable! A Pinot Chardonnay sparkling wine suitable for any celebration.

From much experience we highly recommend Sparkling Lily with Wallis Lake natural oysters with a spritz of lime and pepper....yum!

Experiment with Sparkling wine the same as you would with table wine – explore the possibilities.

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Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015

This is a lovely blend that brings out the best in both varieties. Truly refreshing without the tart acid of a straight Sauvignon Blanc.

A perfect match with white flesh fish but also is a great wine to cut through dishes with rich sauces.

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Chardonnay 2012

Chardonnay has never been out of fashion around here….we simply haven’t been able to make enough. A good Chardonnay never goes out of fashion and this is another one.

Lovely clean crisp fruit with subtle oak, a surprising wine that is interesting to match with spicy food and is always a winner with roast chicken.

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Lively, fruity and fresh with a fusion of flavours.  Versatility is what distinguishes Verdelho from other white wines.  This is a crowd pleaser and a wonderful wine to match with a variety of food styles.

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Dragonfly Rose

A lovely delicate wine with a hint of berry.    A delicious accompaniment to light meals and grazing dishes including seafood, cheeses and cured meats.  A personal favourite that is light and refreshing and drinkable at any time of day! 

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Medium bodied Sparkling Shiraz is a delight with a hint of cherry and soft on the palate.  A lovely change for the explorers interested in new taste sensations who love to experiment with food and wine matching.  We are drinking it with everything at the moment!

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Mellow Red

A very popular red wine made from Chambourcin fruit. The distinctive deep crimson colour has a fruitiness to it that promotes lots of discussion as to what it reminds us of.

Slightly chilled this makes for a particularly easy drinking red. A great match with Thai spices or maybe with your favourite chocolate pudding!

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Cabernet Shiraz 2014

This blend works so well together and makes for a well balanced wine with good fruit flavours balanced with soft tannin.

A good red with anything especially a warming winter roast.

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Water Lily

A light sweet late picked Semillon dessert wine. An uncomplicated dessert wine this goes exceptionally well with fruit based desserts or alternatively with a big stinky blue cheese!

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Tawny Port

This has been described as “liquid caramel”. Nice warmth, yet not too rich and heavy as some ports can be.

Surprisingly and scarily drinkable – it walks out the door by the truckload…so something works here!

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